Building Success Through Leadership.

Lyle Coghlin Principal

Lyle Coghlin is President and co-founder of CTA Construction. He has personally managed and overseen the successful completion of over 60 residential, academic, commercial and retail building projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His leadership on projects, serving in various roles as project executive, project manager, superintendent and estimator, has been invaluable for ensuring project success — measured not only by projects consistently completed on time and under budget, but also by team camaraderie and client satisfaction. Coghlin establishes and fosters the CTA culture of integrity and teamwork, and promotes strategic planning and creative thinking. He always strives and encourages others to find innovative, win-win solutions to complex construction problems, and enables them to maximize efficiencies through logistics, schedule, risk mitigation and conflict resolution.


Patrick Tompkins Principal

Patrick Tompkins, CTA’s Director of Preconstruction Services, is also a principal and co-founder of the firm. Tompkins brings a wealth of knowledge and experience through his active involvement with project development that requires preconstruction planning, strong project management oversight and post-construction services. He understands the value construction managers bring to a project, especially during the early stages of design, and promotes a collaborative approach in working with owners and design partners to create the best quality and value. Tompkins is a seasoned project executive with a vast portfolio of academic, commercial, retail, hospitality, civic and community-based projects. He is a registered professional civil engineer with strong analytical skills, and is an invaluable asset to CTA’s consistent growth and ongoing success.

Jeffrey Hazelwood Vice President

Jeffrey Hazelwood is CTA’s Vice President and has over 20 years of construction management and engineering experience. Hazelwood is a strong leader, highly professional, and has been instrumental in the successful completion of a variety of complex, deadline-driven projects undertaken by CTA. His attention to detail, integrity, strong organization skills and work ethic allow him to quickly develop trust and respect with all team members. He possesses extensive experience with the procurement of trade contractors, long-lead material and equipment items on numerous building projects. His strong understanding of schedule and logistics allows him to develop comprehensive trade contractor packages, which help expedite schedule while mitigating risk for the project team. Under his management, numerous CTA projects have been recognized with industry awards for construction excellence, including a “Project of the Year” from American Public Works Association.

Paul DuRoss Vice President

Paul DuRoss, Vice President, has over 19 years of construction experience, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University. During his career, DuRoss has held the positions of Project Executive, Project Superintendent and Project Manager, which allowed him the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to manage and deliver logistically complex projects that require intensive coordination. As Project Executive at CTA, he provides leadership and oversight for the day-to-day activities of some of our most challenging projects, including project management, scheduling and on-site supervision. DuRoss consistently builds strong relationships between clients, construction teams and owner’s representatives with his proactive approach and “can do” attitude, allowing him to run projects smoothly and resolve any potential problems before they arise. His projects have consistently received accolades and are recipients of numerous prestigious awards, including a “Building Project of the Year” award from Construction Management Association of America.