December 1, 2014

CTA Wins $21M Rehab of Putnam Garden Apartments

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – CTA Construction has been awarded a $21.6 million contract by the Cambridge Housing Authority to revitalize the 122-unit Putnam Garden Apartments. The project includes replacement of common stairwells, renovation of kitchens and bathrooms, and installation of a new sprinkler system throughout the three-building complex.

The construction on vacant apartments and stairwells will be done in phases. Inside the units, the kitchens and bathrooms will be renovated with new finishes and fixtures, as well as work, as needed, on insulation, painting, baseboard heating, supply and return ventilation, fire alarms, electrical systems, sprinklers, and wallboard ceilings and soffits. In addition, repairs will be made to floors, door frames and windows. The entire plumbing system for the complex will be replaced, including new water lines run off of the city water mains.

In common areas, stairwells will be upgraded and a new boiler plant serving all three buildings will be installed. New sprinkler service and heating pipes, as well as central heat-recovery ventilation units and ductwork will be installed in the basements. This will require demotion and asbestos abatement work to take place in the basements of each building.

The project also includes repairs to the roof to extend the manufacturer’s warranty and construction of four waste-management sheds with electrical and water service.

Based in Waltham, CTA’s portfolio of work includes large residential complexes, as well as commercial, office, municipal, academic and public safety buildings. Previously, CTA renovated the Harry S. Truman Apartment Building for the Cambridge Housing Authority.